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What is Memorial Service Webcasting?
Simply put mourners at home are given the chance to see and hear the same thing that family and friends present are experiencing. The folks at allow those who are unable to attend a funeral in person to watch the ceremony from the comfort and privacy of their own home. People are already using their computers to watch everything from movies to Presidential speeches.
How can people experience a Memorial Service online?
Anyone with a personal computer and internet-access can watch the service live or the archive on our website. Simply by visiting our website without using any special software other than a web browser, viewers can watch from anywhere they are.
Why haven’t I ever heard of this before?
With the rapid expansion of Internet technologies, more and more opportunities are being made available to connect people together from across the world. Now that webcasting has become common-place for transmission of sporting events, business seminars, and Television shows; audiences are asking to utilize those same services for many new and previously unheard of purposes. One of the major factors which has been at the forefront of Memorial Webcasting is the thousands of military service personnel who are deployed overseas. When a loved one of a serviceman or woman passes away, it is impossible for them to get home in time for the funeral, but they still want to be part of the service. Video Webcasting is the next best thing to being there.
How can the family watch the webcast after the service is over?
In addition to being broadcast live, our server automatically creates an ‘on-demand’ archive copy which can be viewed from our website without charge at any time, day or night.